How do we treat your data?

Our commitment

We collect as little information as possible about you. In order to operate our services, to ensure the security of your data or to collect your opinion on the Health Curator platform, we may need to collect some personal information.

HON processes your personal data with care and ensures that your privacy is completely protected.

Here are our three commitments regarding the confidentiality of your personal data:

Restricted use to a minimum

We never share your personal data with third parties without good reason.

Responsible treatment

We protect and treat your personal information as if it were ours.

We use your personal information only for the purposes described below.

What personal information does HON keep?

Name, address and place of residence

The names and addresses of your site, which you have filled in during the certification application, are stored in order to monitor the certification of your site. In some cases and at your request, we also need the mailing address for your site to prepare your invoices.


We store your email address to send you messages about the certification of your site. We also inform you through newsletters about the various activities of the Foundation. If necessary, you can choose to unsubscribe from them.

Phone number

We store your phone number to contact you if necessary regarding the certification process of your site.

IP address

We store your IP address for security purposes to detect and prevent potential attacks. These IPs are neither used nor shared and are removed automatically.

Your use of our website

We store your IP address for security purposes to detect and prevent potential attacks. These IPs are neither used nor shared and are removed automatically.

When do we share your information with other parties?

At HON, we know how personal your data is and respect your privacy.

Thus your data is only shared with third parties to perform our services during payments related to the renewal of HONcode certification.

We use different means of payment (Paypal, bank transfers) to carry out these procedures.

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) of HON

The DPO is the internal guarantor of the compliance of the HON Foundation's data processing activities. He has the necessary resources to exercise his role in complying with the obligations and good practices that HON must implement with regard to the protection of personal data. You can contact him via

Fight against fraud

Your personal information allows us to verify your identity when people contact us and try to impersonate you with incorrect information.


Cookies may contain personal information about you, such as your browsing behavior and interests. Check out our Cookies Policy for more information.

Existence of a decision-making process and automatic profiling

HON does not accept automatic decision making or automatic profiling.

Duration of storage of personal data

We process and store personal data only for the time necessary to achieve the storage goal or to the extent required by law.

Your rights about your data

Your personal data belong to you, consult here your rights on them.