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While the content of this website has been verified and HON works every day to ensure the relevance of the information, the Health On the Net Foundation does not in any case guarantee the medical veracity of any documents published.


Any claims relating to the benefit or performance of a given treatment, product or commercial service will be supported with appropriate and weighted evidence according to principle 4 above (Attribution). HON does not endorse any product or service that might be linked to through the site. Always share the information you read on the Internet with a medical professional and consult a doctor.


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Within the scope of different projects, the Foundation was in collaboration with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of National Guard-Health Affairs (NGHA) for the development of the first Health Encyclopedia in Arabic (KAAHE).

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The Foundation is also collaborating with the Institute of Global Health (GHI) at the University of Geneva, the Provisu Foundation, the Association of Doctors of the Canton of Geneva (AMGE), the French association for unrestricted healthcare (UFML) and the World Organization for Specialized Studies on Diseases of the Oesophagus (OESO) with the goal of improving the management of their processes in terms of service quality.