Since the main mission of the Health On the Net Foundation is to guide Internet users to reliable health information sources online, we strive to have our actions meet the needs of users.

E-commerce Survey

E-commerce Survey

Because the Internet is constantly evolving, the HON Foundation makes every effort to respond to the needs of all players in the health field as well as website users.

Thus, with the emergence of and increase in telemedicine sites and the popularity they generate with Internet users, we wish to understand whether it is useful for the Foundation to watch over health-related sites (whether goods or services), providing them with specific recommendations.

To this end, we launched a survey for Internet users and webmasters in May 2016.
You can consult the report of this investigation.

Looking for reliable health information ?

You are among the millions of people around the world who search for health information online. Thousands of websites are meeting this demand through the provision of health information. However, as you probably know, all sites are not equally reliable and do not necessarily provide quality information.

With the support of the French association for unrestricted healthcare (Union Française pour une Médecine Libre - UFML) and the association of doctors of the canton of Geneva (Association des Médecins du canton de Genève - AMG), HON has published a simple educational pamphlet to encourage vigilance and provide benchmarks in judging the reliability of medical information on the Internet.

This pamphlet will be distributed to doctors and made available in their waiting rooms. It is also available on the Internet in a print-ready format.