Your rights on your data

How does HON use my data?

We use information about you to provide, improve, update and optimize the services we offer. For example, we use information about you to create your account, provide our services, but also to detect and prevent any abuse or attempted fraud.

Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

What information does HON collect about me?

You provide us personal information when you are requesting the certification of a health website such as your name, address, email address and phone number. We also record information when you contact us, such as your requests and the way we have responded to you. We also use cookies and similar technologies on our sites and mobile applications to collect information about your interactions and use of our services.
Check our privacy policy to learn more about the data we can collect and your choices about this data.

Does HON share my data with third parties?

We protect and treat your personal information as if it were ours, and we never share your personal information with third parties without good reason. In any case, third parties are not permitted to use your information for any purpose other than that described in our privacy policy. In fact, we only share your email address with Paypal when you make a payment related to HONcode certification.

Can I check and update my personal data?

We will soon offer you an interface allowing you to control and / or update the information of your account. In the meantime, contact us for:

  • Updating your account information, such as your name, phone number, and billing address.

You can also unsubscribe from our communications via newsletter by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each of our emails, with the exception of messages concerning your own certification process.

How do you guarantee the security of my data?

Here are some ways we help you protect your identity and personal data:

  • We encrypt the personal data you submit to us via online forms using the latest encryption technology to prevent anyone from intercepting your information.
  • Our employees are trained every year and regularly made aware of best practices to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data.
  • We protect our network with multiple layers of security.
  • We use a combination of software and devices to protect our network against possible intrusions or vulnerabilities.
  • We regularly test the security of our infrastructure through specialized companies in order to detect and reinforce any vulnerabilities even before they can be detected. We do not allow unidentified navigation on our websites for safety reasons.

How can I improve the security of my data?

HON can not guarantee the security of your personal data without your cooperation. We recommend that you follow the following recommendations to best protect your personal data:

  • Use complex and different passwords for each of your services.
  • Never share your passwords.
  • Change the password for your account at least once a year.
  • Install a recognized antivirus on your computer.